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About Atlantic Financial Management

Helping you tackle the debts that are making your life so difficult is the one thing that Atlantic wants to be able to do for you. Atlantic Financial Management is a Debt Management Company and a member of DEMSA. We are licensed to provide debt counselling and debt adjustment on a commercial basis, which means that we charge feeswe charge fees for some of our debt solutions.

We can do this because we have a range of debt solutions that we can offer to you - once we know more about your current financial circumstances.

A wealth of experience in the debt management and debt solution arena means we know what it feels like to be in severe financial difficulty. And we know how to help you get out of that situation.

We offer all-round debt advice and a full range of Debt Solutions which include: Debt Management Plans (DMPs), Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), Scottish Trust Deeds, Debt Arrangement Schemes (DAS) and Bankruptcy Assistance.

Where applicable we offer full & final settlement services where your circumstances may have changed or you have access to 3rd party funds for us to make offers to your creditors to settle some or all of your debts.

You're not alone

Atlantic Financial Management is part of the Pentagon Group, who are currently helping over 30,000* individuals with serious debt problems and PPI reclaims relating to over 167,000 active credit agreements with all the major lenders and credit card issuers. The Group has negotiated with over 3,700 lenders and are currently managing over £570m of personal debt.

We know how you're feeling

Our team of advisers, who you can call from 8:30am to 8:30pm weekdays, know how you are feeling and the worry and stress debt problems can cause. They know the right questions to ask to make sure we find out what we need to know to help you as quickly as possible to find a sustainable remedy to your financial problems.

* September 2013